Reality continues to ruin my life...

Hello fellow tumblers! (tumblees?) I'm a 22 year old bio major from Florida who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. This is just a blog where I post random stuff that amuses or interests me. There's probably not going to be much personal stuff on here, unless I really feel like ranting or something. Umm yeah, that's about it. I'm not really sure what other types of things generally go in the "Description" section...


“this butt… is the best butt.”


Made With Paper

I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.
Sade Andria Zabala | Thought of the Day: Self-Discovery


No wonder I’ve been losing weight! I drink sooo much green tea it’s insane.


In the middle of nowhere,

Scotland, Glenlivet (my shot)


”The best way to get to know a city is to count up how much change you have in your pocket and take the subway as far as that amount gets you.”

David Bowie


A character from a short animation I’m about to have done. I’m so close to finishing it! Puppet parts made in Photoshop and then rigged in ToonBoom.


Brasov, Romania (by anjči)